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Gifts For Mountain Bikers: Best Gift Ideas For MTB Enthusiasts

These practical items make the best gifts for mountain bikers (and we have items for avid riders as well as those who are just getting started). You’re sure to please any MTB enthusiast with these gift ideas, and the items will be useful for anyone who enjoys hitting the mountain bike trails in their free time!

You really can’t go wrong, as these gift ideas are great for any occasion. These useful items are thoughtful, and will be well received by anyone who loves to mountain bike.

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Gifts For Mountain Bikers / Gift Ideas For MTB Enthusiasts

Browse The Best Gifts For Mountain Bikers Gift Ideas For Male + Female MTB Riders. They Will Love These Mountain Biking Themed Gifts!

Cocktail / Whiskey Glass Etched With Mountain Bike – Great Gift Idea!

If you need gifts for mountain bikers who also enjoy a cocktail, this whiskey style cocktail glass is etched with a mountain bike design is a perfect choice.

Since we know that many bikers enjoy sipping a cocktail or whiskey after a great day of riding, we know this glass will be well received as a gift for any occasion (and put to good use, too)!

Tool Repair Kit For Mountain Biking

This top selling kit includes all the necessities, and conveniently stores around your bike frame.

Includes a pump, bike tube repair kit, tools, etc. Rest assured you’ll have what you need to repair common bike troubles on-the-go!

CamelBak HydroBak Lightweight Hydration Backpack For Mountain Biking

This small, lightweight, biker specific hydration backpack is a great option for a MTB enthusiast who likes longer rides.

Multiple zipper pockets will allow riders to carry not only the water bladder, but also stash their keys, a small snack, etc. in a compact and ergonomically appropriate biking pack.

SendIt MTB Themed Socks

These dress socks have little mountain bikes all over them, to let people know where you’d really like to be (instead of the office).

You’d rather be biking… and these socks will show off your love for the trails!

Specialized ‘Purist’ Water Bottles Make A Great Gift For Mountain Bikers

A water bottle might feel too obvious when considering gifts for mountain bikers… but any avid biker will tell you how great it is to have a quality water bottle.

This one is made of materials that will keep your water from tasting plastic-y, and has a great flow so you get more water with each squeeze.

ReHook MTB Bike Chain Tool – Makes A Great Gift!

MTB tools make great gifts for mountain bikers! One simple tool to keep your hands clean and get you back in your bike seat when you need to re-hook your bike chain.

This handy gadget gets your chain back in place and stores around your bike frame, so you always have it when you need it.

Bike Mounted Phone Holder For MTB

This MTB phone mount is customized for use on your bike handles, and is the perfect gift idea for a mountain biking enthusiast.

Keeps you hands free, and your phone handy while on the go. Bonus… your phone has a new home while you’re riding, so it won’t be bouncing around / causing discomfort in a pocket or pack.

Hestra Shock Absorbing MTB Gloves

Any avid mountain biker will appreciate a quality pair of gloves.

This option by Hestra is a splurge they might not make on themselves, but makes a thoughtful gift!

Mountain Biking Themed Gift Wrap

Whatever gift you choose for your favorite mountain biker, wrap it up in this memorable gift wrap.

Featuring a modern pattern in gender neutral color scheme – this paper will be perfect for any MTB enthusiast on your shopping list!

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