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Best Beginner Running Books: Must-Read Titles To Find Your Motivation

When you’re just getting started in a sport like running, it’s important to keep yourself motivated. These title are some of the best beginner running books. Any titles from this list would be a great addition to your runner’s library!

These classic books / titles for beginning runners will get you educated around your new found interest in running, and keep you motivated and excited about sticking with it! We think these books are great options, and they were personally curated by our in-house running expert.

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Best Running Books For Beginners / Seeking Motivation

Once A Runner by John L. Parker, Jr.

A fun read for runners, this novel (fiction!) follows a collegiate athlete on his journey for greatness.

For anyone who needs some motivation, but isn’t up for a non-fiction / technical read… this is a great place to start.

The Perfect Mile, by Neal Bascom

Following the stories of 3 individual runners who were each on a mission to break a 4 minute mile, this book is motivational, to say the least!

Not just for runners, this book is a must-read for any athlete who is seeking motivation to do anything that feels impossible.

Born To Run, by Christopher McDougall

Particularly helpful for runners who are facing injury or set backs as beginners, this book will motivate you to overcome the obstacles and keep on running!

A truly intriguing account of runners from around the globe as they push their bodily limits.

Beginner Running Books For First Time Marathoners

Top Titles: Beginner Running Books For Aspiring Marathoners

Hansons Marathon Method, by Jeff Galloway

For any new runners who have their sights set on a marathon, this book will help give a framework to training.

A comprehensive training guide to help aspiring runners be as prepared as possible when tackling the marathon.

Marathon: You Can Do It!, by Jeff Galloway

One of the most helpful beginner running books for runners who are out of shape and/or need a walk-run training program to prevent injury. This book makes marathon training accessible to everyone.

Written by Olympian, Jeff Galloway.

Best Running Books For Understanding Various Training Methods

Lore Of Running, by Tim Noakes, MD

Written by an MD, this book is a deep dive into various training methods and how the body responds.

If you’re past beginner-level, or just looking to better understand training tactics on a deeper level, this title might be for you!

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