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New To Rollerblading?

Rollerblading For Beginners: Useful Tips For Finding Gear & Getting Started

Hoping To Get Started w/ Inline Skating? This Guide Will Break Down All You Need To Know: Rollerblading For Beginners Read this guide, which is packed with tips for anyone just getting started on rollerblades. Courtesy Of Self-Propelled Sports. Top 3 Tips To Get Started Rollerblading Select a pair of rollerblades that is appropriate for…

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History Of Rollerblading

Believe it or not, Rollerblading (or in-line skating), was popularized in the 1980s by two brothers from Minneapolis who set out to adapt ice skate design for use on dry land. Initially called Rollerblade Inc., the sport featured four hard-wheeled boots instead of the traditional four-wheeled quad skate. This changed design and unique feel gained instant attention and skaters began hitting the streets and parks all over the world.

Since its introduction, many waves of rollerblading have come and gone with a resurgence in the mid-2000s driven by YouTube videos, allowing people to experience it as they had done decades earlier in its heyday. Today, rollerblading can be found everywhere from urban centers to mountain trails, re-affirming its place as one of the most enduring sports of our time.

Whether it’s recreational or competitive, rollerblading offers exhilarating fun and a great workout. Rollerblading began as a combination of two sports: in-line speed skating and aggressive skateboarding, which both owe their beginnings to the 1970s’ “sit-down” SkateBoards. The sport has now grown to include different styles such as downhill racing and jump competitions, as well as slaloms, where participants move in and out of cones at high speeds.

With hundreds of tricks possible on rollerblades, it’s no wonder that this exciting sport continues to draw new fans every year.

Benefits Of Rollerblading

Rollerblading is a great way to stay active and have fun at the same time. Not only does it get your body moving, but it can also help protect you from future joint issues, due to the low impact nature of rollerblading movement. Rollerblading can help you improve in many physical fitness areas such as balance, flexibility, agility and strength.

Rollerblading is a great way to get some exercise and an optimal way for anyone, regardless of their level of experience, to explore their environment. Not only does rollerblading provide you with an effective physical workout, but it can also benefit your overall mental wellbeing. When blading, the skater can enjoy spending time outdoors in the fresh air and observe nature in all its beauty as they travel from place to place. Additionally, rollerblading provides a unique social opportunity as one can meet friends at skating parks or local streets and trails to skate together and learn new tricks together.

For those who like the outdoors, rollerblading is an ideal way to explore — cruise down your street or explore some trails with friends. So grab a pair of roller blades and join in on the fun!

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