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Best Rollerblading Gear: Must-Have Gear That’s Essential For Rollerbladers!

Rollerblading is a great activity to get people outdoors. Sometime called ‘inline skating’, you’ll find yourself enjoying a cardio-rich activity that feels more like a fun outing than a chore. We’ll help you find Rollerblading gear to maximize your comfort and safety… even if you’re just getting started with this enjoyable activity!

Read On To Discover Top Rated, Essential Rollerblading Gear For Adults

We have curated the best rollerblading gear recommendations for youth/kids in each section as well.

If you’re looking for a fun way to stay active and enjoy the outdoors, you probably already know that rollerblading is an ideal activity. Not only is it low impact, but it’s also a great workout and will have you feeling energized in no time.

To get the most out of your experience, investing in quality rollerblading gear goes a long way. Quality Roller Blades are durable and supportive as well as safe; and we have a post dedicated to selecting the right pair for your needs. If you’re a beginner, check out our post on Rollerblading tips here.

But when it comes to the essentials beyond your inline skates themselves, there are a few additional pieces of gear that are worth investing in… and we’ve got you covered. Read on to discover rollerblading gear that’ll protect against common injuries and to provide safety from the risks that come with the territory when you’re out for a skate.

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Selecting The Best Rollerblading Gear

Best Rollerblading Helmets

Without a doubt, a helmet is the most essential gear when you’re out Rollerblading. We hope this goes without saying, but if you still need one (or it’s time to upgrade)… we have selected the best options for both adults and kids. We’ll help guide you to find the best helmet for rollerblading.

Top 3 things to consider when selecting a helmet for Rollerblading:

Ventilation: like most self propelled sports, rollerblading is a physically demanding activity, and it makes you sweat! A good helmet for this sport will allow your head to breathe, so you don’t overheat.

Adjustable Sizing: as with any helmet, having an adjustable model will keep you most comfortable (and might allow you to share a helmet between friends/family members). The chin strap is adjustable on most helmets, but a crown-adjustable dial is especially helpful to ensure a custom feeling fit.

Safety: safety ratings should not be assumed. Helmets have one job; to protect your head from impact! Whatever model you decide on, take the time to read reviews and make sure that it meets basic safety guidelines before you purchase.

Retrospec Adult Inline Skate Helmet

With unisex sizing and adjustable straps and pads, this Retrospec Dakota helmet is one we love for several reasons. This is our top pick, and the most essential of rollerblading gear!

Available in many color options to match your style, but also highly functional with ample venting so you don’t overheat, and high safety ratings for the off chance you really need it for protection. Youthful styling easily transitions to biking or skateboarding.

Traditional Unisex Rollerblading Helmet

If you’re after a more traditional, rollerblading style helmet (complete with loads of ventilation, with lightweight design and fully adjustable band size, this one is for you.

This super durable model will last you for the long haul, and you (and your significant other) can both use it!

Budget Friendly Youth Rollerblading Helmet

With adjustable band sizing, as well as ample airflow / ventilation, and great safety additions (like a blinking light on the back of the helmet), this budget friendly model checks all of the boxes for a highly recommended youth / kids rollerblading helmet!

Lots of sizes and colors to choose from, and it won’t break the bank! This style is great for multi-sport use.

Finding The Best Pads For Rollerblading: Elbow + Knee Protective Gear For Rollerblading

If you’re just starting out rollerblading, you’ll probably want to use both knee and elbow pads… but as you advance, we think that elbow pads are the ones that rank as ‘essential’.

These will save you from bloody sidewalk abrasions if you take an unexpected fall – but they might even prevent a broken bone. Having the best rollerblading pads can keep you skating, even with the inevitable crashes that come with learning.

When a fall catches you off-guard, it’s hard to prevent catching at least some of your weight with an elbow. So we’ve rounded up some of the top options to keep yourself safe!

Best Rollerblading Wrist Guards For Adults and Kids

Rollerblade Wrist Guards are also on the essential gear list. If you’re out for a long skate, you can get going pretty fast… so having to stop quickly or unexpectedly can lead to trouble. If you protect your wrists and palms with a quality pair of wrist guards, you’ll not only save yourself from road rash, but you’ll also have the confidence to know you can reach out with a hand for balance without hurting yourself.

We grouped the pads and wrist guards together… because they’re both so essential that the best gear is often priced best as a kit. Below is our guide to finding the best wrist guards for rollerblading!

Best Rollerblading pads and wrist guards, for adults and youth/kids:

JBM Adult + Youth Pad Set – Rollerblading Gear w/ Knee Pads, Elbow Pads + Wrist Guards

For an all-in-one pad setup, this set by JBM is designed for skaters, so it’s shaped for action and comfort!

These are highly rated, and cover all the bases – available in multiple colors and also youth sizing, so you can easily deck out the whole family.

Starpow Rollerblading Knee Pad, Elbow Pad + Wrist Guard Set (For Adults + Kids)

Another great option is this 3-in-one set by Starpow. Also designed for skating, the long velcro straps make them highly adjustable, but they won’t impede the motion required for skating.

Pink and blue options are available for young rollerbladers, with multiple colors available in both adult and youth sizing.

With the right protective gear, we hope you’ll be skating for the long haul… and able to avoid the most common injuries you risk when Rollerblading!

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